Do you want to remove bumper damage from your vehicle?

Smart Repair

Kenneally Crash Repairs provide clients in Tipperary with a cost-effective SMART (Small, Medium Repair Technology) service that isolates areas of damaged vehicles and only repairs isolated areas.

Our professional team blends the damaged paintwork to a vehicle's original colour and therefore eliminates the need for a complete re-spray. This SMART service is a cost-effective solution for the repair of smaller paintwork damage.

Types of damage that are suitable for SMART repair include:

  • Exterior trim and Bumper damage
  • Minor car scratch repair 
  • Removing small dents

Our minor car repair service is quick and cost-effective.

Why Choose Our SMART

Efficiency: Repairs can be completed within a few hours
Cost-effective: Our SMART solutions eliminate the need for costly wholesale repairs
Maximise resale value: A SMART repair will pay for itself when it comes to selling your vehicle
Perfect colour matching: Our team of specialists blend damaged paintwork to a vehicle's original colour

Frequently Asked Questions