Looking for a car scratch repair service?

Spray Booth

Kenneally Crash Repairs provide clients in Tipperary with a car paint repair service that is supported by our state-of-the-art spray booth facility.

Customers looking to remove scratches from a car following a minor or major crash can rest assure our team of car body repair experts will restore their vehicle professionally and quickly.

Our spray booth is designed for the professional application of paint to the bodywork of a vehicle. Low bake oven spray booths are precision engineered to create a stable, dust free environment. Paint is applied in a temperature controlled environment.

Vehicle paint applied in a low bake oven dries incredibly quickly and leaves an elegant chrome finish on all cars. Our spray booth leaves cars with an as-new factory finish. The temperature controlled environment of the spray booth means that paint dries quickly and an entire car can be completed in a few hours.

Our team are experts in spray painting and car body repair.

What To Expect From A Quality Car Spraying Service

  • Accurate restoration of a vehicle's original finish
  • Quality workmanship
  • Use of high-grade paint
  • Use of the latest auto body painting techniques

Frequently Asked Questions