Plastic and MIG welding is quick and cost-effective.

Plastic & MIG Welding

Are you preparing for your NCT? Kenneally Crash Repairs help clients in Tipperary remove car rust and cracks from their vehicles by carrying out MIG welding and plastic welding.

Car owners may fear the worst when they notice car rust or a significant crack in the bodywork of their vehicles. The thought of having to buy a replacement part is not worth thinking about in their minds and the issue is ignored. But it does not have to be this way.

Plastic welding and MIG welding allows vehicle owners to address issues such as a cracked chassis or car rust in a stress free and cost-effective manner. Instead of having to buy a replacement part, we can repair damage at a fraction of the replacement price.

Plastic And MIG Welding Is Suitable For

Headlight lugs
Mirror casings
Oil pan
And more

Interested in removing rust from your car?

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